Which Golf Ball Should I Use?

You hear a lot of talk on the course and in the clubhouse about wedges and putters, but very little about golf balls aside from muttering about the ones lost. We interviewed our resident PGA Associate, retail manager and head golf instructor, John Jeffrey, to learn more about which golf balls he recommends and why.


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Q: Which golf balls do you hit and why?

A: “Titleist Pro V1. I’ve been playing Pro Vs for years for the consistency and quality. These have both the trajectory and soft feel around the green that I like.  Another ball with this kind of dynamic ability is the Callaway Chrome Soft. These are both soft for a higher degree of spin, and I like the distance. The low compression cuts down on slices and hooks.”

Q: Which ball do you recommend for new golfers?

A: “A lot of new golfers tend to want more distance or just go for the big names they’ve heard about, but I like to recommend going for overall quality, value, and feel. Srixon Q-Star is one that golfers at all levels will like because it’s a soft ball that gets more loft, but it also gets a decent roll. And the Srixon Q-Star is a really good quality ball for the price—especially for a beginner.”

Q: What do you recommend for someone who is good around the green, but not great off the tee box?

A: “The Titleist Pro V 1X is good for a higher flight and more stopping power. Also Bridgestone’s E12 has a ‘Flexativ’ cover for more spin control, and another great value. Additionally, the Bridgestone Tour B RXS is another overall good ball for both distance and greenside. This is designed for golfers with swing speeds under 105 or 100.”

Q: Where’s the best place to buy golf balls?

A: “5 Under of course. We’ve selected our inventory to cover it all. No matter your swing speed, your short game, your goals for practice or competitive play, we’ve got the right golf ball for you.”


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