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Play to Win with Golf Tournaments at 5 Under

Golf tournaments at 5 Under Golf Center bring out the very best in competitive play and community fun.

From nonprofit golf tournaments to fundraiser tournaments to civic and business golf tournaments, our indoor and outdoor golf venue plays a unique host with entertainment and variety all around.

With a variety of golf courses to play RIGHT HERE and 20 outdoor bays two stories high, 5 Under takes golf tournaments to another level!

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Tournament Fun

Our virtual golf tournaments combine competitive, organized golf with comfort, efficiency, and limitless possibilities.

Just like a traditional course tournament, players compete in scrambles and enjoy the game in the great outdoors with sponsorships and prizes at stake.

Unlike a traditional course tournament, players and organizers can socialize together throughout the event and keep cool and comfortable while servers bring food and drinks. Play with your team, but mix it up with others nearby.

No other golf course or golf tournament in Southeast Texas offers the winning combination of efficiency, peace of mind, and extraordinary fun quite like 5 Under.

The Best in the Game and More


Why 5 Under

Get serious golf in a social scene where everyone can be a part of the action with comfort, ease, and excitement.

Hosting a virtual golf tournament at 5 Under allows everyone to participate together rather than breaking up after that first tee, only to meet up hours later.

Rather than playing just with your group, you’re among friends all around in a comfortable outdoor lounge setting. This keeps the camaraderie and excitement up while keeping the competitive juices flowing!

Organizers, Sponsors Love 5U

Organizers love virtual golf tournaments at 5 Under for the easy planning, our stellar service, and the overall interaction and supportive group dynamics. Plus, 5 Under is centrally located in the city — not out of the way, outside city limits for that long drive back.

Our indoor and outdoor golf facility makes it easy for guests to come in and out or come and go as they please. This flexibility helps organizers with peace of mind while also enabling late-comers to be part of the event. (Handy for those busy soccer Saturdays or hectic work schedules)

Unlike tournaments at a traditional golf course, the organizers and other participants are never left waiting back at the clubhouse! Our spacious patio and outdoor bar allow for mixing, mingling, and ample opportunities to keep the party going. Great for non-golfers, sponsors, kids, and outsiders to participate, 5 Under looks like golf, but plays like a party!

“Everyone had such a good time with our tournament…fun for our sponsors and all participants.”

Karyn Husbands, President/Ceo United Way–Beaumont, North Jefferson County


Get in the Game

5 Under Golf Center makes it easy to eat, drink, and play with a purpose.

Our pros have put on countless tournaments and events, so we know how to help guide you through planning and execution. Tournaments at 5 Under bring value, make money, get awareness, and drive momentum while participants get the quality face time to build relationships.

5 Under’s tournaments are great for just about anyone or any organization to get in the game.

GetinGame - virtual golf tournaments

Tee It Up!

Go for your goals with a spectacular virtual golf tournament at 5 Under. Get the very best of a golf tournament with the ease, efficiency, comfort, and quality time that only 5 Under brings.

Get started below or call 409-232-0205 today and speak with our Event Coordinator to put a plan into action.

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