The Hottest Club in Town

5U’s Golf Club Sandwich

The Golf Club Sandwich at 5 Under takes a big swing at a longtime lunch classic. This club sandwich features tender, juicy, grilled chicken and some extra surprises to make it a hit. See below for video and details

golf club sandwich with logo from 5 Under

This flavor-rich sandwich is no ordinary club. Our buttery Texas Toast holds it all together with grilled chicken, fresh green lettuce, basil mayo, crispy bacon, and crunchy, fried green tomatoes.  The mix of flavors are a unique blend of comfort and creative. It’s a hearty bite, that still feels light with the crisp, clean veggies and juicy chicken.

The Golf Club Sandwich has been a favorite for some time now at 5 Under, but with our latest updates and with our menu getting so much attention lately, this sandwich has really become a favorite.

“It may very well be our most popular sandwich,” says Jennifer Jackson, Marketing Manager. “We know it does well at lunch in the restaurant and people come in asking for it without even looking at the menu, but we also see that it makes a great handheld meal for those playing golf or games. The basil mayo and the fried green tomatoes make for a little twist on a classic, so it’s definitely fun to promote…and eat!”

hottest club in town is the golf club sandwich

The new menu has received wonderful feedback for the creative flavors and new dishes. The Chimichurri Beef Tenderloin, the Avocado Snapper, and the Chicken Satays have caused quite a buzz. Specials like our Wine Dinner Night and our Tequila Dinner Night are also a fun way for 5 Under to flex some creative muscles and color outside the lines.

Taste the difference with everybody’s favorite club today — the Golf Club Sandwich — and try out our other menu favorites today. See here for the full menu.

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