Tequila Dinner Night

Tequila Dinner at 5 Under

On the heels of Cinco de Mayo, we are excited to offer an extra special menu for an extra special night. Our team has put together a creative mix of flavors for Tequila Dinner Night.

With sensational flavor combinations in a 4-course dinner and exciting mixed drinks of tequila paired for each, it’s sure to be a festive and fun night. See below for pics, video, and details!

The special menu includes both Tex-Mex and seafood with extra fun flair from our creative culinary team. It includes personal, unique family and fusion recipes not found on 5 Under’s current menu. It’s sure to be a truly exclusive dinner experience.

Our Tequila Dinner menu features delicacies rich in heritage and in flavor! We start out with our smoked pork enchiladas with a 5 Under Golf themed “holey” mole sauce served with a Teramana Graprefruit cocktail.

Smoked Pork Enchiladas at 5 Under are delicious.

Also on board is our Caesar Salad, but not just any old Caesar. This one has a touch of heat with Tabasco-infused croutons for a caliente kick that’s most unexpected and most exciting all in a crunch. This appetizing salad is served with a special lemon-kissed Tequila Collinsmade with Lalo tequila. Super refreshing and light, bright, and zestful, this cocktail is an awesome, easy sip for your Caesar.

Tequila dinner includes special drinks and menu at 5U.


Taste the tequila Caesar salad.

5 Under's smoked pork enchiladas give great flavor to Tequila Night.

Our tequila-lime shrimp in a cojita cream sauce (served with a new MojitoRita) is the star! Our fresh Gulf shrimp is immersed in a fiesta of flavors including lime juice, tequila, peppers, cilantro, and spices.

The shrimp have just a little char that gives a beautiful color and texture for a juicy, tender finish for every bite. The bed of Mexican corn and rice (with freshly steamed veggies) is as colorful as a parade on the plate, and they serve a wonderful complement to the shrimp.

Tequila lime shrimp with spices is a hit at 5U.


Tequila lime shrimp on our plate is awesome.

The MojitoRita (or also called the Mojita-Rita) is a thrilling concoction that puts the best of two legends together. It’s a little margarita, a little mojito, and a lot of superb taste. Made with Cabo Wabo tequila, this takes the coolness of a mojito to another level.

Two tequila mixed drinks give flair to 5U.


From savory to sweet, our carefully designed menu gives guests a full variety for all four courses. That’s where our chocolate flan comes into play. This rich, decadent, fluffy, and gorgeous flan is topped with a secret caramel sauce and whipped cream.

The sprig of mint lets you know that every detail has been accounted for in this treat. The sweet, rich spoonful is a masterpiece paired with our special 5U Espresso Martini.

Lemon is a touch of sweetness for this Tequila Collins Drink.

The espresso martini is made with the ever-famous Casamigos tequila. This is a smooth and luscious sip that is a favorite among our staff here at 5U.

Flan is chocolate and caramel at 5 Under.



Our VP of Food and Bev, Wendy Smith says the dinner is a terrific display of the artistry and innovation from our chef, John Dingle.


5 Under has a delicious espresso martini for tequila night.

“The wine dinner was such a hit that we couldn’t wait to do another dinner night,” she says.  “This Tequila Dinner gives us the chance to reach a broader crowd and flex our creative muscles with tequila mixed drinks and with the menu itself, even using tequila in the shrimp recipe.”

The dinner is by reservation only. Reservations will be accepted up to May 9th or until the limited capacity is filled.

The dinner will hit the calendar at an exciting time for golf fans, too! The outdoor golf range nets, which have been under construction for upgrades since early April, are expected to be open for play the week of May 9th.

The exact day is yet to be determined based on weather and previously scheduled events at the venue, but it looks like May 16th as the target. While upgrades outdoors are underway, the indoor Top Golf Swing Suites are available for play as normal as is the restaurant, bar, and pro shop.


Tequila Collins is a blend of Tom Collins cocktail with our lovely Lalo Tequila.

For more details and to make reservations now, call 409-232-0205 as well as here at our events page on Facebook page.

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