5U’s New First Responder’s Discount

5 Under Golf Center Introduces NEW Discount for Police, Fire, & First Responders — proudly serving those who serve! 5 Under Golf Center is launching a new discount of 25% off food and drink (non-alcoholic) exclusively for firefighters, police, and first responders starting this Labor Day weekend. Fire, police, and other first responders qualify for […]

Senior Citizens Save at 5 Under

inside 5 Under shows the Topgolf sign and bar area

5 Under Golf Center Introduces NEW Senior Citizens Discount for ages 60+ Eat, Drink, Save! Senior citizens can enjoy new discounts any and every day of the week—golfing or not—at 5 Under. The discount program is one of many new additions in recent months along with the new menu, new outdoor nets, new patio upgrades, […]