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KFDM News Highlights 5 Under Golf

5 Under Golf Center is featured on KFDM News — on TV and online — for insights and highlights of improving golf swings and more for this 4th of July weekend.

Our very own PGA Associate and Head Teaching Pro here at 5 Under, John Jeffrey, has a terrific interview with Kierstin Lindkvist of Channel 6 News. He discusses some swing fundamentals, focal points for golfers of all levels, and how 5 Under uses Toptracer technology to analyze and assist in improving one’s game.

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This segment features Coach Jeffrey teaching KFDM’s sports reporter (Lindkvist) the basics of grip, stance, and rotation along with a quick tour of 5 Under’s Topgolf Swing Suites and Toptracer technology.

He details the advantages of this technology with 5 Under’s screens for real-time video analysis for golfers to measure their launch, club speed, ball speed, club path, and more.


Per the interview, “We can see a lot of paths to the ball and club facing impact,” Jeffrey said.

“We can get the optimal stuff out of the average, every day golfer achieving those maximum numbers, increases their distance, and their consistency.”

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Coach Jeffrey teaching how the golf simulator responds to swings.
Variety in the Swing Suites

Our Topgolf Swing Suites are phenomenal for any golfer looking to get instant feedback on every swing while giving variety in playing virtual courses, driving range, tactical practice or fun games for play. For example, golfers can play well over 100 different famous golf courses from across the US and even overseas right here in our venue on College Street in Beaumont. Pebble Beach, Bluejack National, Harbour Town, St. Andrews (Scotland) — a few clicks and you’re ready to tee off right here with all the stats, numbers, and information up on the screen!

Coaching and Lessons at 5 Under Golf

Our four indoor suites and unique atmosphere make it ideal for one-on-one lessons. Coach Jeffrey along with other coaches here at 5 Under can work on swing mechanics, zero in on specific shots or specific clubs, and get instant reporting along the way. This is great for lessons with young golfers, too, as parents can listen and watch comfortably just a few feet away with food, drink, and full-service.

“We get a lot of beginner golfers of all ages in here for lessons in our Swing Suites with Coach Jeffrey as well as really, REALLY, good, experienced golfers who just want to take their game to the next level,” says Lance LaRue, 5 Under president. 

“It’s a great set-up as Coach JJ works with the player while the stats are all up on the big screen for them and the parents to see; moms and dads can be as involved as they want from the sofas nearby and have some dinner at the same time.  It’s awesome to see and we’re glad we get to offer all of this here.”

5 Under offers lessons one-on-one by the hour. Some folks take a singular lesson to work on something specific while others schedule a series of 1-hour lessons either indoors or outside at our range.

“We offer a 3-pack at a discount, which is a set of three one-hour lessons over a span of weeks/months,” adds Jeffrey. “These are helpful for getting a good progressive rhythm.”

The 3-pack lessons are popular for gift-giving. If you’re looking for that birthday gift or Christmas gift or Father’s Day gift for a golfer in your life, this is a perfect present that they’re sure to use and sure to love.

Coach John Jeffrey

Coach Jeffrey is a PGA Associate and has extensive training in all things golf. Along with his coaching, he serves as a direct link to the professional golf world for 5 Under, area golfers, and junior golfers in Southeast Texas. He has coached golfers from all over the area and is highly sought after for his experience and ability to quickly assess and prescribe fixes to golfers’ slices, hooks, missed putts, and mishits.  His students have gone on to compete in big tournaments, play college golf, and more.

“Coach JJ has some powerful expertise, and kids like learning from him” says LaRue. “He has a deep passion for the game of golf, he’s a good coach, and he really enjoys coaching others and seeing them succeed. He was a competitive softball coach for many years, too, so it’s just a part of who he is.”

Along with his coaching duties, Jeffrey is the Retail Sales Manager at 5 Under Golf Center, too. The merchandise, training aids, and golf equipment at 5 Under are often hand-selected by him. From Titleist, Callaway, and Ping to Puma, Peter Millar, and FootJoy—and everything in between—Coach Jeffrey has a pulse on what’s hot in golf and what our customers want most.

Learn and Let’s Have a Ball!

5 Under Golf Center is the most unique sports and entertainment venue in the Golden Triangle of Texas. The mix of technology, golf equipment and apparel, culture, cuisine, and social involvement makes our venue a place for just about everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re here to elevate your golf game or just here for a fun time out with family and friends, 5 Under is the place to be.

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