Shrimp Pasta On Par at 5U

The new fall menu additions hit the menus this month, and already on the leaderboard is our lemon and herb-buttered pasta dish: Shrimp and Capellini.This delicious Italian dish is luscious with savory, rich flavors offset delightfully with the touch of lemon.

shrimp sauteed with lemon herb butter pasta on a plate at 5 under

The menu at 5 Under has been an overwhelming hit since its release in the spring. However, as we head into cooler weather, we wanted to have some heartier meals and cover some seasonal goodies.

One of the most popular requests was for more pasta on our menu. With so many great bites like our seasoned and flavorful Pecan Crusted Chicken, our brisket-topped Yellowstone Burger, and our exciting Avocado Snapper, it’s easy to overlook that we’d been missing a pasta dish since last April.

shrimp and thin capellini pasta in herb butter atop a plate at 5 under

This dish more than makes up for lost time with its collage of huge, magnificent shrimp—sauteéd to perfection—and creamy, smooth lemon and herb-butter sauce.

Sauteed shrimp lined up over thin, herb-buttered capellini pasta with a graphic of a fork

The accents of sun dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese put it over the top here at 5 Under. Our taste tests were fun as all our kitchen and servers rallied around bringing this to the menu.

As we head into the holidays, we are thrilled beyond the tee box to offer this sensational pasta dish along with many other additions. Guests are loving it and we hope you will, too!

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