Senior Citizens Save at 5 Under

5 Under Golf Center Introduces NEW Senior Citizens Discount for ages 60+

Eat, Drink, Save! Senior citizens can enjoy new discounts any and every day of the week—golfing or not—at 5 Under. The discount program is one of many new additions in recent months along with the new menu, new outdoor nets, new patio upgrades, and August’s teachers’ discount for back-to-school.

Seniors (ages 60 and older) can count on 15% OFF food and drink at the 5U restaurant for weekend brunch as well as daily lunch or dinner.

Alcoholic beverages are not included in the deal, but all other food and drink are in play at the restaurant for the senior(s). Other guests in the party do not qualify for the discount unless they, too, are seniors over 60.

snapper filet with avocado

Additionally, seniors can get $5 OFF morning or afternoon golf/game play (before 5 PM). The discount program begins this week as part of new service-oriented initiatives from ownership and management.

“We want our promotions and discounts model to be more than just short-term marketing,” says Lance LaRue, new president of 5 Under Golf Center. “It’s a way to invest in our guests, connect with them personally, and be a constant, reliable value to them—with or without golf.”

LaRue says the senior citizens’ discount has been in the works for several weeks after 5 Under Golf’s owner, Don Shaver, saw an uptick in the lunch business. Since launching the restaurant’s new menu this spring complete with popular shrimp and grits, pecan-crusted chicken, and creamy BBQ shrimp, the lunch and dinner crowds have grown and the positive feedback has been encouraging. This summer saw a shift in new customers becoming repeat customers.

Don Shaver, our 5U owner, wanted to do this as a thank you and as an invitation to older guests,” LaRue adds. “It’s another way for 5 Under to serve those who are here not just to play golf, but here for the food and exciting flavors.”

More discounts and activities are in the works at 5 Under for an exciting and busy fall season. Stay tuned for more and join the 5 Under fun at

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