Say ‘Aloha’ to the 2-Story Salad

Stacked with Flavor, the Aloha Salad is Full of Surprises at Five Under

The newest salad from our all new menu at 5 Under is an exotic, exciting thrill. AND— it’s double the fun since it’s two-stories high. See below for video, photos, and details on this fun fusion from 5 Under Golf Center.

The Aloha Salad is stacked and packed with fresh, colorful textures and flavors for all to enjoy. A little mix of everything, this salad has a zing and zest that has a delightful surprise in every bite.

The mix of red and yellow bell peppers, cucumber slices, and chopped green beans are enough to intrigue anyone, but the burst of flavor from succulent, grilled chicken breast and kiss of mango is a show-stopper. As if that wasn’t enough, the addition of carrots, red onion, macadamia nuts and sesame seeds tossed in our Asian balsamic dressing gives a powerful punch.


The most notable and most visual component of this salad is the creative stance. Literally! The only salad of its kind around Southeast Texas to be plated vertically, this salad stands tall above the others. The Aloha Salad is layered between two crispy, fried wontons for the most sensational display and flavor combo on the menu. Instead of saying you’ll “just” have a salad, this puts you in the driver’s seat to the most adventurous taste expedition in town.

The salad has a crispy, fresh, and exhilarating aspect that you simply don’t expect, even after seeing its impressive stature.

Chef John Dingle crafted this to be exactly that, further making the mark on the all new menu at 5 Under. Golf or not, 5 Under has so much more in store to offer for food, drinks, entertainment, and fun, and this is a terrific, tall example.

Try the new Aloha Salad from 5 Under today and enjoy the blast of flavors, colors, and fun.

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