5 Under’s Famous Pork Ribeye is a Flavor Bomb

Juicy and savory with a host of complementary, fresh ingredients, 5 Under’s Pork Ribeye is a crowd favorite.

The grilled Pork Ribeye is exceptional in that it’s made with few–but mighty–ingredients that deliver an unexpected burst of flavor. When Chef John Dingle introduced an all-new menu in March, the dish remained on the menu for good reason. Simply put, 5 U’s Pork Ribeye is more than just good food; it’s extraordinary flavor in every bite.

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pork ribeye on a plate shows the full array of sides of this juicy tender pork dish


“It’s in my top five,” says Marketing and Social Media Manager, Jennifer Jackson. “The smokey, savory pork combined with the sweet, roasted tomatoes and the tart lemon butter is a perfect flavor combo.”

This dish has an outstanding color that let’s you know you’re in for something special. The bright red and gold peppers atop the beautiful cut of pork, cooked precisely with the buttery juices dripping off either side, is quite a scene. The mouthwatering flavor is a superb match for the photogenic presentation.
5 Under served the dish at The Taste of the Triangle in 2022 and the crowd went wild. One year later, the restaurant and event venue took first place with their Shrimp & Grits made with jumbo shrimp, andouille sausage and white cheddar polenta.

We invite you to try this most exciting bite in golf for lunch, dinner, or something wonderful in between. Our Pork Ribeye is sure to please!

You don’t have to play golf to enjoy everything that 5 Under Golf Center has to offer. There’s so much more than ‘fore’ at 5 Under, including a variety of delicious burgers, unique entrées, delectable desserts, and a hole-in-one cocktail menu and happy hour.

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