5 Under League


2023 Fall League Season | Starting September 26th


Tuesday Nights 6pm


  • Each week you play a random team and can earn up to 3 points.
  • Each point is worth a monetary value incurred over the entire season, and at the end of the league you are paid out your team’s points/earnings.
  • Every team is incentivized to play each week and to keep playing, gaining points/prize money.
  • Even low performing teams can still win money and prizes.
  • Sponsors add prizes to the pool, and we have giveaways and door prizes on select weeks.
  • At the end of the league we host a League Finale Party to award prizes and money. 
  • This is a 10-week commitment and you are required to pay for all weeks as your team’s contribution to the prize pool. We allow 2 alternates to play to help with team member conflicts.


What if you don’t have a team, but would still like to play?

Enter your contact information to join the league & we will add you to our list of free agents. From here we will pair you with a team in need of additional players or create a new team of individual players.

Sign up now to register your team.

Fall League’s full 10 weeks cost
$120/team per week or $30/person per week

 LEAGUE QUESTIONS TO  leagues@fiveundergolf.com

2023 Fall Leaderboard

**********Bracket was re-seeded to reflect correct Round 2 pairings. 5 Under Thunder advances to semi-final by having most points won by a losing team in week 8. Seeds 1, 2, 3, and 6 advanced, so #1 will play #6 and #2 will play #3. Seeds #4 and #5 will play for 5th place.

**********Week 8 loser with most points scored in week 8 will advance to semi-final. 1st Tiebreaker will be loser with lowest round in week 8. 2nd Tiebreaker will be highest remaining seed will advance to semi-final.

Results Week 9

Results Week 8

Results Week 7

Results Week 6

Results Week 5

Results Week 4

Results Week 3

Results Week 2

Results Week 1

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