Pecan-Crusted Chicken

Southern Style Chicken You’re Sure to Love at 5 Under’s Restaurant

There are a lot of new fans of 5U’s new restaurant menu. We are delighted to say we’ve seen more and more first-time visitors come in and tell us they’re here not for golf, but for our delicious brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Our pork ribeye, our shrimp and grits, and our queso-topped border catfish get a lot of new fans, but topping the list these summer months has been our mouthwatering, sensational Pecan-Crusted Chicken.

See below for photos and video of this popular dish.

Our juicy, tender chicken is a sight to behold as it extends over the plate, partnered up with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The crumbly, crunchy coating is one-of-a-kind here at 5U’s restaurant. The flaky exterior of seasoned morsels gives just the right crunch to make way for the scrumptious, tender bite of chicken.

Topped with a heaping amount of cream gravy, everything about this dish lets you know you’re in for a delicious, Southern-style experience. The pecan-crust is nothing too hard or pungent as our pecans are crushed up fine in the batter for a perfect amount of flavor that brings out the best in the chicken.

Plus, the lemon-butter sauce gives a delicate, yet exciting addition that have our guests licking their lips. This pecan-crusted chicken is a hit day in and day out with kids, adults, and even the strictest of critics. It’s a crowd-pleaser for sure for its wonderful mix of flavors all on a beautiful display.

If you can’t decide between chicken, fish, or chicken fried steak, you really can’t go wrong with our magnificent menu. However, this is THE dish we find folks just cannot refuse. It’s hearty. It’s fresh. It’s crispy and juicy all at once. And it’s a phenomenal dish that just gets better with every bite.

Make a reservation for dinner or just drop on by for lunch, and try this terrific pecan-crusted chicken today. You’ll love what we’re cooking at 5 Under!

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