One for the Books

5 Under contributes to the new look of Lumberton Intermediate’s new library with artwork.

Lumberton Intermediate School has a new campus with new technology, new spaces, and new opportunities for students and staff alike. Additionally, the new library has a new look with a designed mural courtesy of 5 Under Golf Center and new president, Lance LaRue.

The result of Lumberton I.S.D.’s passed bond, the new library on campus offers a technology and computer lab, new tables for robotics, learning spaces for lessons and testing, and more.

View of the centerpiece artwork of the library

The contemporary shelving units and ample reading spaces give an open concept that invites any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade reader to comfortably dive into a good book. Though the construction was completed early this summer, the new layout left a giant blank wall in the library’s most visible reading area.

library wall mural left side view

Lumberton I.S.D.’s aim was to make the wall a visual centerpiece for student readers. They reached out to 5 Under Golf Center’s Lance LaRue for ideas and graphic design. After an initial sketch, LaRue designed a fully detailed mural ready for installation.

Texas elements and Lumberton Raider themes in the artwork

The design features an open book with pages and words flying, falling, and tumbling out throughout the canvas. A page-turned-paper plane soars from one side to the next over the Texas landscape which includes nods to Southeast Texas with elements such as oil derricks, Village Creek, and more.

Lumberton Raider themes and branding along with an array of literature references, names, books, authors, and more. Hidden among the art are even more designs and references for the students to hunt-and-find like book characters, sports, and music elements.

Close up of Artwork details show hidden characters, illustrations, and more in the design

“I wanted to help make something that looked sharp and dynamic, but really had something special that the kids could get excited about for years to come,” says LaRue. “I drew it all out in a little sketch book, then digitized it in Adobe software—like a lot of the things we do at 5 Under—and just kept the sketchy, raw, illustration style to have a unique quality fitting for this age of the students.”

Installation of the artwork

Local sign company, Image 360, was enlisted to produce and install the unique mural artwork. The finish has a canvas-like material that further turns this digital design into a modern mural for the library wall.

“This project came at a perfect time because we at 5 Under are on a mission to uniquely serve in ways that go beyond just golf,” adds LaRue. “This is a contribution that 5 Under can really get behind because it involves kids, schools, communities, and something for the future—all things that our owner, Don Shaver, sincerely supports…”

The final touches were added this week to complete the project.

Wide full view of the mural design

The new library is among many new and exciting developments within Lumberton Intermediate School. Visit for info.

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