New Halo Hy-Wood: Distance Meets Control

Get the distance and power of your fairway woods with the control of a hybrid all in Cleveland’s newest innovation.

Cleveland has made a big hit with its Halo XL metal woods and irons, and now they’ve added another winning weapon for your game.

The Halo XL Hy-Wood is a force off the deck, giving the proper gap at the top of your bag. The Hy-Wood gives golfers a unique amount of forgiveness and power all in one for a superb value.

>> See below for video, infographic and more details about this innovative design.

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  • Hybrid Swing FEEL + Fairway Wood DISTANCE
  • Cleveland’s Gliderail feature gives great turf interaction
  • Built to help maintain clubhead speed and square clubface
  • Max forgiveness with Mainframe XL
  • More energy transfer through the face
  • Great for long, high launch ball flight
  • HiBore Crown Step helps lower the center of gravity
  • Ability to flex TWICE at impact with Rebound Frame


The Cleveland Halo XL Hy-Wood offers a 3+ and a 4+ option.
  • 3+: 17° Loft RH/LH 59° Lie
    • 162cc Volume 42″ and  329g(A), 330g(R), 332g(S) Club Weight
  • 4+: 20° Loft RH/LH 59.5° Lie
    • 147cc Volume  41.5″  and 332g(A), 333g(R), 336g(S) Club Weight

Another unique factor is the Action Mass CB, which places an 8-gram counterweight in the end of the shaft near the top of the grip. This promotes a more stable, controlled backswing and natural feel. It also helps promote a more inside swing path for improving accurate, straight shots.

Who is it for?

The Halo XL Hy-Wood is for any golfer looking to improve their long game. This club will be a welcomed addition for golfers looking for a versatile tool to hit off of the fairway, an uneven lie, or even off the tee box.
Golfers who are not comfortable with hitting a fairway wood, but need more power than a 3 or 4-iron will surely love this club.
Young golfers will like the forgiveness with the outstanding balance and clubface impact. Senior golfers will like the distance and feel. It’s truly a club for anyone because it gives opportunity and helps bridge the gap between hitting a fairway wood or hybrid (or even a long iron).
5 Under Golf Center has seen great success with Cleveland. The Launcher, the Halo series, and a variety of Cleveland equipment has served golfers around Southeast Texas really well for many years, and this new Halo XL Hy-Wood is a great addition with a lot of promise. If you’re looking to improve your long game, get distance, get control, get versatility—all with big savings—we invite you to hit and get fit today at 5 Under Golf Center.
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