Farmhouse Salad

5U’s Farmhouse Salad is Sensational

Have you ever craved a salad? Really craved one? The kind that is seemingly simple, but there’s just something about it that makes it so special that you find yourself overlooking the exotic options of big, beefy steaks, fried chicken, barbecue, or other tantalizing stars on the menu?

Well, that’s what happens when you get a taste of the classic, hearty, light, and wonderful Farmhouse Salad at 5 Under.  See below for photos, commentary, and more of this delicious salad.

Our new menu has caught a lot of awesome attention lately. From our chimichurri beef tenderloin to our crowd-pleasing creamy BBQ shrimp all the way down to the last crumb of our skillet pecan pie brownie, 5 Under’s restaurant is making new fans left and right.

A terrific surprise among these scintillating dishes is the fandom for our Farmhouse Salad. It’s a beautiful array of colors and freshness with a substantial bite from start to finish. The cool, crisp mix of greens and egg is an astounding match for the juicy, warm, fresh-from-the-grill chicken.

The Farmhouse Salad starts with a bevy of fresh mixed greens with bright red tomatoes, slivers of red onions, and sliced cucumbers. We add scrumptious crumbles of bacon with a subtle smoky yet sweet flavor and mixed cheeses.

A perfectly hard-boiled egg is a tasty touch to go with the juicy, tender, flavorful grilled chicken (or fried if you prefer) sliced atop this garden on a plate. We toss the salad in your dressing of choice, though the most popular of all with this particular salad is none other than Ranch.

The Farmhouse Salad is not only one of our most popular salads, but it’s one of our most popular dishes as well.

Lance LaRue, Marketing VP at 5 Under, says it’s all about the chicken. “It’s not just another salad. It looks like a salad, it’s described like any other salad, but it eats like a full meal,” he says. “That chicken is as tender and full of juicy, rich flavors as you’ll find. It’s outstanding and makes for a wonderful addition to the menu.”

Try the most sensational salad from the farm. Get the Farmhouse Salad today—only at 5 Under.

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