5U’s Border Catfish: From the GOLF of Mexico

Fried, Feisty, and Festive, 5 Under’s Border Catfish is a Flavor Explosion


The best of Tex-Mex cuisine and Cajun cooking are all in one here with our Border Catfish. This combination has an exciting blend of cultures and flavors that is simply irresistible, and it’s only here at 5 Under.

See below for more details, video, photos, and commentary about this remarkable dish!


border catfish with graphics at 5U
The Border Catfish is our unique dish that looks almost as good as it tastes. The brilliant colors are vibrant and inviting with pico de gallo dressed over queso blanco running over a crispy fried fillet of catfish. Yes, you can choose to get it grilled, but Chef Dingle, the creator of this culinary achievement, recommends fried and feisty.

Similar to our popular Avocado Snapper, this recipe has a parade of colors and a fiesta of flavors that make it truly special. It’s a product of time and attention, and it’s a perfect match for all that 5 Under is really about—variety, quality, and fun for all.



The catfish extends out over our plate and lets you know you’re in for something extraordinary. The cornmeal crust gives a flaky, crispy, crunch on the outside while the freshness in each bite of fish is everything you want it to be—juicy, tender, and full of just the right spice.


border catfish queso and pico at 5 Under
The golden coloring of this cornmeal crust tells everything you need to know. It's thoughtful, hand-crafted, and made with careful attention to capture that rich, robust, excellent taste. The queso blanco complements everything in its easy, creamy goodness. The pico de gallo is fresher than fresh and rounds out every bite.

“The catfish is quite popular here, and it’s easy to see why,” says Lexi Pyle, Marketing Associate and Social Media Manager. “When the servers bring it out to the table, we watch how everyone in the restaurant ‘ooohs and aaahs’ over it…and we’ve seen more and more interest in it from our social media followers, too.”


Vertical image of Border Catfish with fries
The Border Catfish comes with a side of Mexican street corn salad and salted french fries. The street corn salad is a clever take on elotes, and provides a coolness to this dynamite dish.

Make dinner plans NOW to try this incredible dish that packs the powerful punch in TexMex, Cajun, and fun all at once. It’s a thrilling meal that you’d never expect from “a golf place,” but that’s just it; there’s so much more than ‘fore!’ at 5 Under!

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