Avocado Snapper is a Hit

A Little Cajun Flavor and a Lot of Excitement in a Snap!

The new menu is causing quite a buzz at 5 Under Golf Center, and the newest emerging favorite is fresh from the Gulf.

Our Avocado Snapper is a zesty, brightly-colored party on a plate. This savory grilled Gulf snapper fillet is expertly cooked with a luscious lemon butter sauce. The mouthwatering mix of spices makes for just the right touch without overpowering, and then it’s topped with sliced, fresh avocado and mango pico.  See a short video here…

This fantastic fish dish is served with street corn salad and almond rice for a great mix of variety and colorful sights and bites. Our 5U restaurant team got creative with kicking off the new menu and this dish is already a star. Even guests who have long been fans of 5 Under’s entrees raise an intrigued eyebrow when they see this on the menu, and we have received glowing reviews from those who take on this exotic, flavor-packed adventure.

Led by Wendy Smith (VP of Food and Bev), this dish is a perfect example of the carefully crafted, elevated direction and style of the new menu. 

“The grilled snapper is a colorful, bright, and unique dish that looks just as beautiful and wonderful as it tastes, and we continue to get incredible feedback from our guests” she says. “It’s as dynamic as the team that created it—John Dingle and Timo. You can see it is made with attention to detail and passion, and it’s truly delicious.”

We invite you to come see the all new 5 Under restaurant menu along with the best in golf, games, and entertainment in Southeast Texas. Make a reservation for your next dinner, or stop in for a delicious lunch today.

There’s so much more than ‘FORE!’ at 5 Under!

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