MASTERFUL Augusta Patty Melt

Championship season is upon us, and 5 Under has it all. From college basketball playoffs to the most cherished golf tournament in the U.S., 5 Under makes for a perfect spot for a watch party as the best game in town.

As a sports and entertainment venue, 5 Under has a fun mix of everything in golf, games, shopping, restaurant, parties, drinks, and more. We truly have something special for everyone. However, with the Masters golf championship this week, there’s simply no other place outside of Augusta National to take it all in…


patty melt made special by 5 Under

In theme with our all new restaurant menu launching, we have a savory special addition—a 5 Under delicious twist on a classic diner staple: The Augusta Patty Melt.

The Augusta Patty Melt takes the best of a grilled, toasted patty melt and adds our thrilling bites of bacon, crispy fried onions, and white cheddar pimento cheese. This is all hand-crafted with precision and passion atop our half-pound beef patty on slices of grilled Texas toast.


Augusta National and the Masters is known for those classic pimento cheese sandwiches that fans and guests adore. Our 5 Under creative kitchen team brings that fun, nostalgia, and romance here to Southeast Texas with our own special signature touch— one sensational bite at a time.


Masters Menu at 5 Under for 2023
Special Bar Menu for the Masters at 5 Under

We’re also making the most of the week’s tournament with a special 5 Under Masters Menu. This limited edition menu includes a 5-course dinner highlighting our Texas Ribeye Steak and Avocado Snapper —all through the week and through the weekend—starting with slices of this Augusta Patty Melt and ending with a refreshing, zesty key lime pie. Our bar crew has put together a charming cocktail menu to match.

This year Easter Sunday coincides with the final round of the Masters tournament, and 5 Under is ready for the festivities. Our Easter Bunny Brunch shows off our award-winning Shrimp and Grits—named first place winner at the largest food expo in the market, Taste of the Triangle. Kids will enjoy bunny pancakes and other themed brunch bites, while the parents and others will get a kick out of our Easter brunch cocktails.


bunnybrunch men

Bar Manager, Tammy Traylor, has whipped up some tasty libations including a Cottontail Martini. Additionally, the Easter Bunny is scheduled to stop in and take photos with families and children from 10 AM – 2 PM both Saturday and Easter Sunday.

With so many flavors and fun going on all under one roof, it’s easy to make 5 Under your home for all things Easter and all things Spring. We invite you and your family to enjoy it all here to Eat • Drink • Play!

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